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Taking Forward Sustainable Geo solutions To More and More Areas;Would You Be Interested ?


As consultants for some of the sustainable  Geo-systems manufacturers  we enjoy supporting protection of  precious life and property from the vagaries of nature  keeping in view of the ever increasing need to safeguard our earth for the future generations.

One of the most difficult challenges we face when selling sustainable products and services is the complexity of sustainability itself.We come up with lab trials and invent a new product or technology useful for the society in terms of these aspects ;But The issue of taking it forward is “the” most difficult task!

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect”.

Getting back! to Geo-synthetics, Geo-systems are used for various applications in civil,environmental and other engineering applications.Geo-systems facilitates sustainable #construction by reducing the use of natural materials like aggregates, sands and rocks etc.

For instance the thickness of the aggregate layer in a typical cross section for road construction can be reduced (by also keeping in view of the provisions in the code) so that less of quarrying is required.)

Similarly in river training works and sea wall construction the use of sand/rocks/stones/aggregates for creating protection structures or barriers could be eliminated to a major extent by making use of dredged and reclaimed materials/ locally available slurry or any such by encasing them in the suitable Geo-systems or in tube form(Geo-tubes)

“He who knows what sweets and virtues are in the ground, the waters, the plants, the heavens, and how to come at these enchantments, is the rich and royal man”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here is trying to outline some of the applications(only some!) of Geo-synthetics systems for you all.

Please do not forget that, apart from facilitating sustainable construction, Geo-systems serve the precious purpose of protecting life and property from the vagaries of nature by being part of the control systems outlined below.

This being a general platform every effort is made to make the definition of  Geo-systems for various applications as simple as possible and my apologies still if some of you find some words(technical jargon) which could not be further simplified unfortunately!

Flood control: Geo-systems for flood control : 


Flood control bags, Geo-tubes and other stand alone systems or combination mechanisms.(Huge woven Geo-bags for example)

Depending upon the specific condition prevailing this need to be designed taking note of the historical data available for flood occurrences previously such as HFL and other engineering considerations.

Erosion Control: Erosion control mechanism with Geo-synthetics


Systems made of Geo-textiles(Woven or non Woven)| Gabions|Grids and other products again independently or combined together as per the specific purpose for which this needs to be designed.

For example river banks, steep slopes on cuttings and beach side would require different considerations while selecting the system. Geo-tubes would be suitable for beach nourishment and prevention of erosion on the marine front. However the gabions may be more suitable if the height is more because this could be constructed as a wall by itself to protect the side slopes.

Embankment construction on soft soil: PVD’s/Geo-grids and other Geo-systems.


It could be formation for a road or a railway line and in such a cases geo-grids and high strength woven geo-textiles or other products needs to be used again as per a specific design.

In cases where the soil bearing capacity is negligible there is also a need to do ground improvement in the first place.

If it is a dredged and reclaimed area then it calls for using the vertical drains(Pvd’s) to facilitate the process of consolidation relatively easy to start constructing on a faster basis.

Sub-grade strengthening :Geo products can be made use of in strengthening applications very effectively.


In all such applications depending on the particular site specific data the geotechnical engineer and the consultant in charge of the project need to take a call on the appropriate geo-synthetic system that would bring in the desirable results.

Often Geotextiles, Geogrids and even Geo-cells would be ideally suitable for these type of applications.

River training works and Sea wall construction:


Geobags|Geotubes|Gabions are some of the systems used in this case.

There are soft solutions and hard solutions in these cases again. While mostly in river training Geobags or even Gabions could be made use(of course there are other new systems being developed).


But when it comes to sea walls the concept is different.Obviously we are tackling a big wave force in these cases and also we need solutions which will sustain even the effect of Tsunami waves if such a situation were to occur.

So seawalls are ideally made in combinations with large sized rocks/quarry stones which is used also along with appropriate Geo-systems .

These are some of the applications of Geo-systems.(In fact the applications of Geo-synthetics in civil engineering being a vast topic only an attempt to touch the very basic aspect is made here.)

Thanks for reading and appreciate your comments.

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Text Copyright © 2016 by Prakashan B.V,(BVPRGJ Consultants — All Rights Reserved. (Earlier published by us on LinkedIn on 20/11/15)..Images above: Google images of the applications of the systems from the best of the manufactures from different segments including those who are associated with us.

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Do we have a choice?


I found from own experiences that certain good choices would bring in a lot many benefits, irrespective of whatever situation/position we are in and thought of sharing it with you all here.

Can we admit our own mistakes? (Yes, thatchoice is with us only!)

Don’t waste time and energy in defending or justifying mistakes. Accept them and focus on damage control.

Do not be harsh on others for their mistakes. Learn from own mistakes as also those of someone else.Learn to take criticism.

Constructive criticism is not a personal affront.It deserves introspection on your part.Objectively view the critical opinion.

#Tip: If there is any truth in it, correct yourself; If not, ignore it.

Can we be happy with whatever we have?

(Yes, that choice also with us only)

The happiest of the people are not the richest;but those who makes the most of everything they have.

Saying no to that which we cannot afford is an old, yet relevant philosophy.

Be happy always with what you have achieved and what you aim to do in the future:Setting stretch goals is good, but setting unrealistic targets isn’t.It corrodes emotional strength and self esteem.

#Tip : Simple things could make us feel better,We tend to forget the small things that could make us really happy.

Can we choose to be more kind and considerate ?

Yes, We can Compliment our colleagues ,friends and others for their achievements and promote team spirit.

If we have the power to make someone feel good, we should make them feel good.

#Tip: Develop an image of a go to person.

 Can we choose to help others ?

Yes!…Helping others give that “feel good” warmth, while shifting focus from difficulties you face.

Count your blessings, and return the society back all the good turns it has given you.

#Tip: Most popular people are also those who are also willing to help others unconditionally.

Can we  embrace change?(Of course we can, provided we are ready for it mentally!)

Adapt to change, mold  attitude and knowledge to be in line with the latest technology, changes in market conditions and rising customer expectations.

Most of the frustrations are self-induced.

#Tip: So life is also all about our resilience to adjust to the adversities.

Can we choose to listen more carefully?

Yes….Communication means talking and listening actively. Understanding other’s views facilitates and improves decision making.A good listener ,is well informed and less likely to make mistakes.

#Tip : “Listening is a very rare skill, and in these noisy times, it is more and more valuable”

Can we  genuinely be happy for others ?

(Yes,Always if we want so)

Learn to be happy for others, just as you are for your own self.

Remember all the good things that people have done for you; forget the hurts.

#Tip: “Turn your wounds into wisdom and your stumbling blocks into stepping stones”

Can we choose to take logical decisions?

Yes, We have to be logical!

Never take decisions when angry or upset.Manage the disappointments well and equally important is distancing from negativity.

#Tip: “I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction”

Let us make our sincere efforts to make the best possible choices under all kind of situations.

Thank you all for taking your valuable time to read and looking forward to read your comments.

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Do we have a choice?..Let me know your opinion.

Text Copyright © 2016 by Prakashan B.V (BVPRGJ CONSULTANTS)— All Rights Reserved

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The call to do something different?What are we waiting for?


Remember, the story of Lord Buddha?.., who left a comfortable life in search of certain answers that later paved the way for creating guidelines for a new way of life.

He had no problem in leaving his comfort zone then and the very action resulted in lot many changes touching the lives of several people across the globe even today.

We generally like to follow the status quo.

We brainstorm a lot , put our thinking hats and even go into a meditative state to do lateral thinking to generate ideas. When it comes to executing the results generally we lack confidence and shy away due to the initial difficulties.

We are worried about what kind of risks a certain change in our pattern of life would bring in.

We often worry so much so that the very purpose of attempting a change for a better end result is lost half way through.

Every person in his/her lifetime would come across some kind of golden opportunities which might appear before them often disguised.(No wonder the age old quote “every problem is an opportunity…” still holds water).One need to get into a circumstance/situation to experience and learn from it,in order to get through and come out successfully.(You may also like to read my recent post about ,”How Can We Safeguard Start-ups from Failure”?…Please check the link at the end for this article with 9000+ views till now.)

Remember, those innovative ideas and the constant conversation between the mind and the heart whether to jump into it or not?

Sometimes we all lose momentum to take things forward only to be seen later by someone else taking it up to our surprise and dismay.

Every great idea that comes to your mind no doubt need to be scrutinized well before getting deep into it.

But once we know for sure that what we dream is something really unique it is up to us to take that call to take things forward and execute it.

No one else would be able to live our dreams and understand our aspirations the way we understand them.

Isn’t it time that we give sufficient attention to all such ideas emanating from our mind and if found suitable then take it forward and execute it.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your opinions at the comments section.

What are we waiting for?

Disclaimer: Any issues with any or all content used in this post, should be directed to the author.Image above from google images of the website  .Note: I have published this article earlier on LinkedIn on Jan 12/16 ,you could read several other articles  published by me earlier on LinkedIn by clicking on this link.


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