We are a group of management consultants for various activities pertaining to Construction and Engineering (#Wehelpu2grow).

Supporting organizations to grow in the areas of green building technology, sustainable environmental engineering applications, geosynthetics and road safety related products promotion are some of the  areas we are very passionate about.


  • Our Specialization also includes Geosystems for construction.
  • geopost01
  • We also help in business development of small and medium enterprises in the construction industry (SMEs,Business Development).
  • pvd
  • Also involved in  generating enquiries for various manufacturers in the construction and engineering industry, i.e Lead Generation Support.
  • Assisting construction companies in sourcing and procurement of  specialized engineering materials, services and solutions and helping them to achieve cost control as management consultants.
  • think-different
  • consulting 000

To know more, please read this article about us being featured on Matt Bowd’s 30 Founders in 30 days series;Here is the link:- http://mattbowd.com/2017/09/22/30-founders-30-days-day-25-prakashan-b-v

Please contact us by:  Email:- info@bvprgj.com   

Phone:- +00919742322187



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